Drive-In Movie Cake

I put together an HO-scale drive-in structure kit which holds a 7" tablet. I created an animated birthday video and loaded onto the tablet, purchased real vintage toy cars from the 1950s and put them all on the sheet cake with supports and wax paper (I use wax paper under any non-edible items for sanitary/safety reasons and hide with an extra layer of frosting).

Garden Cake with Animated Bake Oven

Birthday cake for someone who has a huge garden and chickens,
and builds outdoor masonry ovens. The fence is of cinnamon sticks, the party flags are of edible icing sheets, and apart from the oven framing, flag poles, banner, and cookie crumble "dirt", everything else you see is made of icing from the rooftop to the chickens. The chimney "smoked" with a miniature humidifier and the embers glowed and "crackled" by use of battery-operated leds and velum paper. The cake was German chocolate. Half was filled with a coconut and pecan frosting, and the other half was cherry-filled.

Hamilton Star Cake | Lemon and Orange

Layered lemon and orange cake with lemon preserves filling.

Spumoni Cake

This is what I call a "Spumoni Cake".  I made a pistachio cake
by adding pistachio pudding and a few drops green food coloring
to scratch-made white cake. It is layered with vanilla and cherry cake,
but could be layered with chocolate and cherry, or even strawberry for those who don't like cherry. Garnished with crushed pistachios, edible silver heart glitter.

Legend of Zelda Birthday Cake

My son wanted a cake with Oreos and didn't care what it looked like. 
I've done a more traditional Oreo cake (pictured somewhere on this site), so I decided to do something different. He approved :)

This is a Legend of Zelda Triforce cake with his name, age, and the words "happy birthday" in Hylian script. This version of the Hylian is from the Game Cube Version of LOZ: Twilight Princess.
The sides of the Triforce triangle represent Power, Wisdom and Courage.