70s Topsy-Turvy Birthday Cake with Lights

Both of the images are of the same cake. The image on the left is the cake in a lighted room. The image on the right shows it after it was moved into the dimly-lit party hall with moving colored spotlights shining upon it. The left image isn't completely clear, but the cake was themed in a psychedelic flower-child style for a 60th birthday party.

Random swirls, flowers, and symbols adorn the cake in yellow, pale blue, pink, orange, and lavender icing. There are also delicate edible flowers and butterflies all around. I cut tiny squares into the tops of each cake and inserted a multi-color flashing light cube into each square. I then inserted 'shroom frames onto each cake, and each holds a different high-school photo of the recipient or psychedelic imagery. 

The total height (with the cake top) was approximately 40 inches. Cake flavors were chocolate, orange, and lemon.


Igloo Cake

This is a lemon cake. A bundt pan was used for the dome and a mini loaf pan was used for the entryway. I carved the loaf of cake into a curve and filled the center of the bundt with a second loaf. The posts are striped paper straws and I made and printed the banner myself. Was lots of fun to make.

Geode Mirror Cake

This strawberry birthday cake is 14" square. I used a standard mirror-glaze recipe which included white chocolate and plain gelatin. I split the batch, dyed them two different shades of blue, and poured them on one at a time. The crystal pieces are actually three colors of rock candy (white, teal, blue).   

Mary Poppins Carousel

I made this simple cake for a woman who is a chimney tech and Mary Poppins fan. The people were printed on card stock and the rooftops were cut from black Wilton Sugar Sheets.