Sanderson House Hocus Pocus Halloween Cake


This cake is the Sanderson House (based on from Hocus Pocus movie). Lights up. Secret: 2-layer chocolate cake on bottom, 2-layer chocolate cake on top... and a box of the same size in the center with "windows" cut out. Ice it, then put battery-op multi-color strobe lights inside. Gives effect of witches brewing up some magic when lights are out. Roof is cardboard covered in peanut butter and sprinkled with almond slivers. Walkway is autumn M&Ms, candy corn pumpkins on with side of doorway. Note: every place where non-food items touch the cake (i.e. boxes, cardboard), I put wax paper so it never touches the food.
Sanderson house lit up... Flickering multi-colored lights in windows.