German Chocolate Filled Cupcakes


I know several people who love German chocolate. Some like the cake with coconut icing and some don't. To make the cake without coconut, I make a pecan icing instead or I simply use a chocolate fudge icing and garnish with chocolate shavings and almond slivers. When I make another one I will post a picture. Above however are pics of my German chocolate cupcakes. I wondered one day why we couldn't make German chocolate cupcakes. The coconut icing is so sticky, that's why! So I decided I would fill them instead. I think it turned out very well. Core the cupcakes with an apple corer and fill with your coconut or pecan mixture. Top with frosting as usual.

Oreo Cupcakes

These are a great addition to the duplex cookie cake. Use devil's food chocolate or dark chocolate cake mix and place mini Oreos on top.

Southwest Winter Chili

Southwest Winter Chili

Boiled and pulled chicken, ground turkey breakfast sausage, Mexican sweet corn with red peppers, white kidney beans; chicken stock, black and white pepper, garlic powder, cumin, white onions.

Chicken Noodle Stew

Boil a whole chicken in a pot, food-grade cauldron, or Dutch oven. While cooking, rinse potatoes and carrots the cut into large chunks, leaving skin on. When chicken is thoroughly cooked, remove from the pot and debone. Pull the meat apart into various sized chunks/shreds. Store the boneless chicken in the refrigerator until later.

Using a colander, strain stock into a bowl, then pour back into the pot. This will ensure any tiny bones are no longer in the stock. Add potatoes, carrots, whole green beans (fresh or frozen), and one can of sweet kernel corn to the stock. Stir in either two cups hot water plus 4.66 ounces concentrated chicken stock or two cans of chicken stock. Then add one to two bay leaves, black pepper, thyme, basil, a pinch of paprika, two to three tablespoons olive oil, and at least one heaping tablespoon of dried shallots. Cook on low-medium heat until veggies are tender. Add one 7-ounce bag of fideo cortado pasta and the boneless chicken. Cook until noodles are done. Enjoy.


Duplex Cookie Cake...

The middle can be icing or ice cream (I made this with icing). The top and bottom are a set of cake pans/gelatin molds you can buy.

Born on the Bayou: Bayou Cake One...

I covered a floating cake rack with bark, moss, and hanging faux Spanish moss.


Bayou Cake Two...

This one was a half-sheet cake. I used Wilton Sparkle Gel for the swamp and piped in the 'gator.

Ready for Halloween...

I am so ready for Halloween. These are in my kitchen year-round! Pumpkins, leaves, and oh yeah - eye of newt and bat wings potion! :-)



Hello, my dark and sinister creatures, magical woodland lovelies, and everyone in between. Welcome to my baking blog. I'm no pro at cakes or other art, but I enjoy a challenge, and creating is sooo much fun. Writing is my first creative love, but every so often, I like to play around with other ideas like: "anything can be made into a cake" and "I knew I could make a dragon out of papier-mâché and even though it looks like an Angry Bird, I'm still calling it Michaelangelo's Draco". Oh well, like I always say, be creative and have fun! Don't forget you can connect with me via my Regular Blog,, Twitter, or Facebook.


Topsy-Turvey Sweet Sixteen Cake

My first topsy-turvy attempt. The candles are letters and spell out "sweet sixteen". To do the decor, I cut out the shapes and strips I needed out of edible black cake paper, pink fondant, and tinted icing. Frosting is buttercream only, no fondant. You can mix it up, don't feel you have to use a fondant overlay in order to use fondant trim pieces. Have fun experimenting. I trimmed the bottom edge with black beads from the craft store. For the topper, I cut the numbers out of construction paper and glued them to white candy dipping sticks, then stuck into the cake.


Roses and Bling cake

The bride likes red, black, and bling ;-) So I wrapped the cake in red satin ribbon, black satin ribbon, and rhinestones. Crystal engraved heart on top. Fresh roses on cake; Fresh petals and large faux diamonds sprinkled on table. Cake is not crooked, don't know why it looks off. Oh well.

Winter Anniversary Cake


I made this cake white, with alternating layers of raspberry and lemon curd filling. Each layer of cake was sliced in half for more layers of the colorful filling. Very pretty when sliced. Hard to tell from photo, but I covered the finished cake with sugar crystals for the effect of newly fallen snow. Was for a winter anniversary.

Sanderson House Hocus Pocus Halloween Cake


This cake is the Sanderson House (based on from Hocus Pocus movie). Lights up. Secret: 2-layer chocolate cake on bottom, 2-layer chocolate cake on top... and a box of the same size in the center with "windows" cut out. Ice it, then put battery-op multi-color strobe lights inside. Gives effect of witches brewing up some magic when lights are out. Roof is cardboard covered in peanut butter and sprinkled with almond slivers. Walkway is autumn M&Ms, candy corn pumpkins on with side of doorway. Note: every place where non-food items touch the cake (i.e. boxes, cardboard), I put wax paper so it never touches the food.
Sanderson house lit up... Flickering multi-colored lights in windows.

New Kids on the Block Cake

NKOTB cake, was a fun thing to do because we all liked them as preteens. We decorated the house in same theme... like we were all young girls again. Lots of fun! I recommend! When you do something truly old-school, they never suspect it!

I got some old New Kids stuff on eBay too... dolls, posters, party cups and plates, all unopened from like 1989.

I recommend doing this sort of thing for someone you know! Pic some band or movie theme from way back. It's a lot of fun. Oh and a cake tip: You can really make any picture you want for a cake - cheap and fast. Just print the pic, put it in a diamond-clear sheet protector, trim, and lay wax paper under it so it doesn't touch the cake. Then ice around the edges. Boom, done.

Princess Bride Cake for Man

You're how old? Inconceivable! This was German chocolate cake with fudge filling, chocolate icing and swirl decor, garnished with almond slivers.

Garfield Cake

Candyland Cake

For this party I had Candyland gift boxes for the adults, filled with old-school candies like Slow Pokes and Wax Soda Bottles. We had fun too ;-)

The Emerald City (Wizard of Oz Cake)

My daughter's 3rd birthday. The yellow brick road was made by rolling out fondant, cutting to shape, and marking brick lines with a table knife. The grass was made using a grass tip, and poppies were each hand-cut out of fondant. I painted the Wilton castle.
Starting with this cake and party I started going overboard on theme parties, and have ever since. Lol.

Fairy Princess Cake

Fresh roses and fondant flower trim. I made the fairy with gum paste; and the crown is a ring of crystals, beads, and sterling silver that I made as a keepsake. 

Twilight Cake 2: New Moon

This was one of those parties I was referring to when I said I go overboard... the whole house felt like we were in Forks. LOVED!

Twilight Cake #1

Extreme Sixteen Cake for Boy

"Extreme Sixteen" not Sweet Sixteen, lol

Tropical Wedding Shower Cake

This was a pineapple upside down cake. Instead though, I folded pineapple and brown sugar mixture into cake batter before baking. No pineapple on bottom. Notice pineapples are wedding rings :)

Astronomy Cake

For my son, telescope in center, planets on top; he is an astrophotographer. Stars and columns light up... Top is space, bottom is earth/grass. BTW, top is foam, not real cake for two reasons: 1.) We had other desserts so excess cake wasn't needed 2.) Nobody wants to eat all that black icing. In yellow icing around the bottom of the cake it says "Never stop looking to the stars" ;-)

Pyramid Cake

I dyed the icing tan using brown food coloring, gently carved light marks for stones; then decorated it. Lastly, I dusted with edible gold dust. Cake is carved but for the tip which is made from 3" pyramid cake pan. "Sand" is brown sugar.

Super Mario Cake

Easter grass

Easter grass and Whopper eggs

Newly-Fallen Snow

Simple and my fave, white cake, white buttercream, and sugar crystals, like snow.

My first meringue... and last!